Faceless Bionic (FBC) is a collection of 10,000 bionic characters, with proof of ownership stored on the Polygon matic blockchain with ERC-721 smart contract. they are constructed from various accessories, armor, back, color, eye, clothes, and headwear and minted as NFTs.

No two are exactly alike, and each one of them can be officially owned by a single person on the Polygon blockchain. You can mint and claim faceless bionic on your opensea account, after minted you can buy or sell your FBC via opensea,Rarible, NFTkey, GhostMarket and Refinable marketplace.

Why Polygon Blockchain ? because polygon has a very low gas fee and even free for some transaction actions, be it for creators, buyers or sellers.

Everyone who mints will immediately get a pixelated version of the bionic he gets, and every 5 FBC owners will get 1 free mint for the NFT collection that AnomalyMeta will create on the next Ethereum blockchain.






 1000 FCB

Price : 5 Matic


1000 – 3000 FCB

Price : 10 Matic


3001 – 5000 FCB

Price : 17 Matic


5001 – 7000 FCB

Price : 24 Matic


7001-9000 FCB

Price : 30 Matic


9001-10000 FCB

Price : 40 Matic

Note :
The price above is the price of public minting, the price increases according to the number of circulating FBCs following the above phase. we will also mint 200 FBC in every phase and we will immediately list it on OPENSEA at a price = ( phase price + 1 ) Matic. if you don't want to do minting, you can directly buy in the OPENSEA marketplace either from other FBC owners.


  • Build community (Twitter, Instagram, Discord and Facebook page).
  • Pre-Sale FCB.
  • Free Pixelated Version Collection for who minted FCB.


  • Open Merchandise store ( T-shirt, Hoodie, Hat etc).


  • Release new NFT collection on Ethereum, Solana and Binance network, everyone who ever bought 5 FCB will get a free mint.


  • Upgrade merchandise store.
  • Enlarge the community.



  1. When you buy Faceless Bionic, we share intellectual properties of art to you, which means you can use it to create and sell merch or for anything you want.
  2. Everyone who mints will get a free pixelated version of its bionic.
  3. We’re also giving away a limited free drops for for community members on our next NFT project that we release.
  4. Everyone who ever had 5 FBC will get 1 free mint for next NFT project 
  5. Every member of the community can share their ideas for consideration to add to our roadmap!

“Faceless Bionic is an NFT collectible art. It is not suitable as an investment or as a flipping for capital gains. so for those who want to invest or look for profits from the flip, maybe this is not the type of NFT that is right for you. we support NFT as an art.”


Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are cryptographic assets on a blockchain with unique identification codes and metadata that distinguish them from each other. This differs from fungible tokens like cryptocurrencies, which are identical to each other and, therefore, can be used as a medium for commercial transactions.

What you need to know

  • NFTs are unique cryptographic tokens that exist on a blockchain and cannot be replicated.
  • NFTs can be used to represent real-world items like artwork and real-estate.
  • “Tokenizing” these real-world tangible assets allows them to be bought, sold, and traded more efficiently while reducing the probability of fraud.
  • NFTs can also be used to represent individuals’ identities, property rights, and more.

New to NFTs? No worries, here are some steps on what you need to do to get your Faceless Bionic.

Download the metamask.io extension for the Chrome/Brave browser or app on mobile. This will allow you to make purchases with Polygon Matic and can be found in the extensions tab. If you are on mobile, you must use the Metamask App Browser
You can purchase Polygon Matic through the Metamask Wallet using Wyre or Send Polygon Matic from an exchange like Coinbase, Binance etc.

  • Click “MINT BIONIC” Button in this page, and you will direct to mintfbc.anomalymeta.com
  • Click on Connect button in that page, and click Connect again at the top of the page to connect your Metamask. After that select Polygon Matic Mainnet on your metamask, Once joined, you will be able to purchase the NFTs in the mint section.
  • You will be prompted to sign your transaction. FYI, there will be a fee associated with every transaction related to gas prices. (In Polygon Matic gass fee is very cheap)
  • Once you have made your purchase, your Faceless Bionic will be viewable in your wallet and on OpenSea.

Pre-sale is open from February 19-26, 2022 (12.00 pm GMT+7) 

Public-sale starting from March 1, 2022 onwards

Once you have minted a Faceless Bionic NFT, you will be able to see it by connecting your crypto wallet to OpenSea.

You can use your Faceless Bionic as a profile picture online, and you can also resell your Faceless Bionic in NFT marketplace. We also share intellectual properties of art to you, which means you can use it to create and sell merch or for anything you want.

Yes, We only take 6.5% of the secondary sales will be deducted in royalties for the Creator (it’s much lower than any nft collection out there). A portion of those royalties will go towards merchandise, marketing, or anything else to make sure that the project continues to grow. 

Because polygon has a very low gas fee and even free for some transaction actions, be it for creators, buyers or sellers.

"We are here to make NFTs as an artwork and collectible items in order to welcome the metaverse in the future.
The profits and losses that you get are not our responsibility at all, be wise using your money."
Aditya Indra Wardana (Creator)